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PAST EVENT: The 9th annual Mid-Atlantic: Violent Crimes & Terrorism Trends 2019


PAST EVENT: The 9th annual Mid-Atlantic: Violent Crimes & Terrorism Trends 2019


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We look forward to you joining us for the 9th annual Mid-Atlantic INLETS from June 17-21 in Annapolis.  Topics from the City of Angels to the Big Apple, from Ferguson to Florida, and this year’s foreign partner agency, the Bundeskriminalamt, the German federal criminal police, commonly referred to as the BKA.

Tribute to Heroes

We welcome Cathy Lanier as this year’s Keynote speaker.  Always the highlight of INLETS, the Tribute to Heroes’ program remembers our fellow officers lost in the line of duty, recognizes  our peers with worthy praise, and reflects on inspiration provided by a keynote speaker.  The program fosters liaison of new and existing relationships and resets the attendee’s focus for the topics and instruction which lies ahead during the week.

Lanier, the Senior Vice President and Chief Security Officer for the National Football League and former Chief of the Metropolitan (Washington, DC) Police Department, will share unique perspectives between the badge and the “shield.”

General Sessions

These presentations are two hours and from the main stage

The Nationalist Socialist Underground case study

Berlin, Germany: The German BKA shares case studies, and the concepts of preventing and policing the terrorist threat in Deutschland. 

NY, NY: The NYPD shares the case study of the terror attack in Chelsea. 

Quantico, VA:– The FBI National Academy reminds us Winston Churchill said, “When eagles are silent, parrots will chatter.”  Today, it describes today’s news coverage after a police incident. If we don’t provide a strong and truthful narrative, then the media will find someone willing to fill the space. The FBI National Academy instructor will talk about communication imperatives in the face of critical events.

Los Angeles, CA: The LAPD takes us through a case study when the body of a sorority student discovered after an apartment fire leads to another crime scene and another campus across hundreds of miles apart.

NY, NY: In this highly participatory workshop, individuals revisit their perception skills and the ability to communicate concisely and effectively in a variety of law enforcement contexts, addressing the role of perception and observation in crime scene analysis, investigation, surveillance and human trafficking.

Ferguson, MO:– The FBI case agent and Ferguson police chief discuss the overview of the Ferguson event, the civil rights investigation, investigation organization, case facts including forensic analysis, witness interviews, investigations conclusion and key takeaways..

Miami, FL:  Through a case study, profilers from the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit show how homicide investigations are more and more dependent on digital evidence to further understand criminal motivations and choices. DBC is the “postmortem” merging of digital artifacts with traditional crime scene evidence to better understand offender behavior.

NY, NY: The New York FBI takes a look at the response to and management of the October 2017 terrorist attack on a pedestrian path along New York City’s West Side Highway. Challenges, best practices and lessons learned are discussed from a crisis management perspective.

DelMarVa: Maryland State Police provides this case study on the Beltway Sniper, who terrorized the DMV and the entire nation in October 2002.  Over 23 days, the snipers killed 10 people at random and wounded 4 more. It became the most intense and largest man hunt in American Law Enforcement History 


Like a miniseries, these topics are offer 1.5 hour blocks, totaling 4.5 hours over three days

Custodial Interview & Interrogation

New York, New York: Taught by the NYPD, attendees will receive concepts of custodial interrogation, including Basic Questioning, Rapport Building, Elicitation, Interrogation Formats and best practices for Electronic Recording of Custodial Interrogation.

Quantico, VA: The National Academy provides a block  on how emotional intelligence is a factor in predicting work performance that involves regular interpersonal contact with people—the cornerstone of the law enforcement profession. Emotions are central in every relationship aspect our lives, including family, friendships, and the workplace. Learn how leadership can managed proactively and effectively, improving work relationships and performance.

Quantico, VA: Thwarting ISIS, Al Qa’ida, and HVEs in the Local Jurisdiction: This block, taught by an operational subject matter expert, will cover the Evolution of Terrorism, the Ideology and Mindset of Jihadists, Flags/Indicators of Radicalization, Counter-Jihadist Interviewing Techniques, and Departmental Strategies for Countering Jihadist activities in the local jurisdiction.

Washington, DC: Often times offenders communicate their intentions using social media and written communication. This block, taught by a renowned, former FBI BAU profiler, will focus on techniques used to assess the level of threat before a potential attack.

Focused Seminars

Cyber: Digital evidence, data and open source intelligence

Washington, DC: SME’s share the topics in a format as students work along – laptops provided

Quantico, VA: SME’s share the topics in a format as students work along – laptops provided

Washington, DC: The FBI’s Facial Analysis & Comparison E Services Unit provides investigative lead support by comparing the face images of persons associated with active investigations against face images available in state and federal facial recognition systems.

Los Angeles, CA: Designed for criminal investigators and command staff, we will showcase the method of case management employed by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Robbery-Homicide Division at large-scale, dynamic, and often complex incidents.

Washington, DC: Information coming soon.

Baltimore, MD: Homegrown Violent Extremism: DIRT. The Digital Immersion Response Training (DIRT) module uses virtual reality to provide interactive training to re-enforce the learning points. Homegrown Violent Extremism themes will be taught, observed through virtual reality scenarios, and then discussed. Seating limited.

Berlin, Germany: The BKA demonstrates the considerations used in addressing threats faced by terrorists and violent criminals.

Washington, DC: Through brief case studies, the ATF demonstrates how NIBIN, in conjunction with firearms tracing and other technologies assist investigators and analysts in disrupting the shooting cycle and decreasing the levels of violence in communities in partnerships with other agencies. 

The Enrichment Visit

On Wednesday, June 19 we will head to Washington, DC.  With a moment of reflection at the National Law Enforcement Memorial, we will then visit the museum, whose core mission is to introduce visitors to the proud history and many facets of American law enforcement in an experience you won’t find anywhere else.   They also seek to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the communities they serve with thought-provoking programs that promote dialogue on topics of current interest.

Attendees will have the opportunity to also see the National Mall.  Guests of attendees are free.  Transportation is provided.

Overnight Accommodations

Accommodations are available at our host hotel offerings a special On The INLETS rate.  Free parking and downtown shuttle service, and walking distance to To make your reservations, please CLICK HERE

  • 2019-06-17 13:00 to 2019-06-21 12:00

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PAST EVENT: The 9th annual Mid-Atlantic: Violent Crimes & Terrorism Trends 2019

2019-06-17 13:00 to 2019-06-21 12:00
June 17, 2019


PAST EVENT: The 9th annual Mid-Atlantic: Violent Crimes & Terrorism Trends 2019

2019-06-17 13:00 to 2019-06-21 12:00
June 17, 2019



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