Keynote & Expert Presenters

Keynote and Featured Presenters through the years

Each year we are humbled by the inspirational stories of ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstance.  Leaders.  Sometimes revealed in crisis.  Sometimes, naturally witnessed by those around them.  They are born with a God-given, innate ability to initiate, protect, and serve… to help others survive. Sometimes, even themselves.

To hear their personal stories of integrity, perseverance, leadership, and determination is a lesson to us all.  INLETS has been extremely fortunate to have so many decorated and recognized leaders share their story with us.  And to the credit of INLETS attendees, nearly all of these heroes have presented more than once at INLETS events.

Expert Presenters

Each INLETS agenda draws from a wide array of nationally and internationally known subject matter experts, and experienced presenters from agencies including FBI Profilers, NYPD, LAPD, New Scotland Yard, and other foreign partners. Whether an individual or representative of an agency, this band of regular repertoire players are presenters on the INLETS.