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Since 2001, the INLETS team has developed one of the most highly regarded law enforcement training programs in the country.   Over 10,000 attendees from 47 states and seven countries consider the in person and online offerings the best law enforcement training and liaison, best law enforcement webinars, and a livestream event that is like TED Talks for cops. 

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The INtel & Law Enforcement Training Services (INLETS) has a single goal: creating and providing leading-edge, high-quality investigative training and support services to law enforcement.

You have witnessed the impactful programs we’ve created – events attendees have called “the most valuable training and liaison”, “best Law Enforcement webinars”, and “TED Talks for Cops.”


Your support will help expand, enable, and enhance the capability of law enforcement investigators:

Expand. Last year, INLETS IN-Depth was a new classroom style format introduced with the Homicide Investigators Course.  Hosted in Annapolis, MD and Orlando, FL, it included 140 detectives from 70 agencies that rated it a 9.7 (of 10).

INLETS to offer two new In-Depth courses for 2023 on the leading topics facing LE today:

These are two of the leading topics facing law enforcement: identifying and locating subjects and potential victims through open source information.  And identifying pre-behavior indicators of violent offenders and active shooters, an in-depth look at preventing rather than responding to mass casualty events.

Social Media and Tech Tools in Finding People, May 2023
Advanced Behavioral Threat Assessment Concepts, October 2023
Enable local police departments with limited funds to have easier access to investigative genealogy resources.

The INLETS is developing a program to assist police departments with resources and assets to help navigate the expense of investigative genetic genealogy.

Enhance our instructional training to be approved for academic credits and continuing education units, assisting law enforcement with career development and capability.

Whether it is in the training programs, the classroom instruction, the online offerings, or consulting  with investigative genealogy, your support helps further develop the acumen and ability of INLETS attendees.

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Support the INLETS

On The INLETS is committed to the highest levels of financial accountability and to wisely stewarding our resources. On The INLETS is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, as a non-profit, non-stock corporation and is a registered 501(c)3 organization under the Internal Revenue Service. Each year we file the standard IRS Form 990.