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PAST EVENT: 2018 Silent Auction


PAST EVENT: 2018 Silent Auction


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On the INLETS: Silent Auction

Vacation packages, autographs (authentic and facsimile) of sports stars and celebrities, and decor of unique items, sports jerseys, and framed commemorative art will be on display for bidding throughout Monday, June 18th.  At the conclusion of the Tribute to Heroes evening program, the winners will be announced.  All proceeds go to offset the costs of the INLETS program.  Preview it below.  Payment can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

Vacation Packages: 3, 6, and 7 night stays at:

Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel, Jamaica, Las Vegas, Riviera Maya or Cancun

Movie Memorabilia:

Commemorative framed art with Jack, Marilyn, Dean and Frank

Rare items with authentic autographs by David Prowse on print and Darth Vader’s helmet, Ira Lehman on Jason’s goalie mask, and Stan Lee on Spider Man print

Commemorative Albums with facsimile autographs

Bon Jovi
Led Zeppelin

Sports Memorabilia Items:

Authentic signatures of Steve Carlton, Tony Dorsett, and Joe Flacco

Historic moments: Redskins’ Quarterbacks, Yankees World Series and historic Oriole’s moments

Authentic autographed prints of inspirational players: Ryan Kerrigan,  Rudy Ruttiger, and Antonio Brown

Decor of memorable moments with authentic and facsimile autographs

Mike Tyson’s authentic autographed boxing glove, guitar of Prince & Purple Rain

Commemorative framed editions of Jackie Robinson and President Trump

Commemorative Shadow Box of Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles and the career of Ray Lewis

Autographed game jerseys

  • 2018-06-18
  • All Day

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PAST EVENT: 2018 Silent Auction

All Day
June 18, 2018


PAST EVENT: 2018 Silent Auction

All Day
June 18, 2018



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