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From June 23 – 28, 2014, 25 instructors provided nearly 30 blocks of instruction on investigating violent crime and terrorism trends.  From lessons learned during active shooter scenarios to behavioral indicators to crime scene processing to source development, subject matter experts from as far away as Norway shared their expertise and knowledge with over 200 attendees from 17 states and 3 countries.  We want to thank everyone who made this year a successful event.

The USMC Silent Drill Platoon performed to honor our Medal of Honor Recipient keynote speakers.
Gene Deisinger led a 3-day seminar on threat assessments.
This is one of the better training resources I have attended (2nd year). Excellent instructors, real life experience – what worked, what didn’t. Great opportunity to network with others. Training is current to world events and trends.
2014 Attendee

It was an honor to spend Thursday evening among heroes: Lt. Thomas Norris and Lt. Michael Thornton, two retired Navy SEALs that both received Congressional Medals of Honor for their acts of valor during the Vietnam War.  Their stories are ones that attendees aren’t soon to forget.

Lt. Michael Thornton
Lt. Thomas Norris


Oslo and Utoya: A Case Study of a Lone Wolf in Norway

The Norway Counter Terrorism Unit presented a case study of a domestic terrorist who carried out back to back devastating attacks on the same day resulting in 77 deaths and over 200 people injured.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police presented an international case study on the thwarted Al-Qaeda supported plot to derail a passenger train heading from Toronto to New York.  They did a second in depth focus seminar on developing the type of public/private partnership they had with key players in the investigation.

Dr. Tracey Corey, Chief Medical Examiner (Kentucky) focused on the recognition of physical evidence on bodies to differentiate between patterns seen in homicides, suicides, and natural deaths.

Detective Sergeant Daron Wyatt  of the Anaheim (CA) Police Department presented a Cold Case on insurance fraud and murder for hire targeting a California Corrections Officer.

Jim Deater of the Maryland State Police demonstrated through application and case studies, techniques used to further investigations and from open source internet resources.

Cyber Sextorion: A Case Study in Cyber Behavioral Analysis

Wayne Sheppard of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children revealed that unlike any other search, landfill crime scenes are unique for a variety of reasons, which become apparent with a basic understanding of the trash collection process.

Special Agent Jeff Cugno (FBI Los Angeles) & Detective Daron Wyatt (Anaheim PD) returned to take a deeper, detailed look at the successful techniques, challenges, and internal strategies implemented and utilized during their work together on the Homeless Homicides Task Force tracking the first Orange County serial killer in the last 25 years. (Anaheim, 2012.)

Dr. Tracey Corey (Chief Medical Examiner, KY) with FBI Profilers Tia Hoffer, Mark MacKizer, and Molly Amman examined case studies focusing on intricacies and details which can make or break investigations involving the most innocent victims.  Tia Hoffer presented the 2010 case where a teenager killed and dismembered a 10 year old girl in Colorado.  On Thursday, Mark MacKizer  & Molly Amman presented the 2013 Midland, Alabama kidnapping.

Dr. Gene Deisinger discussed best practices and building a threat management program based on findings from numerous active shooter case studies.

Consultants Don Schuler and Julie Fontaine with Patrick Lucas of Fairfax County Police Department instructed attendees on how to spot, identify and develop Sources for strategic and tactical strategies, in the private sector and in law enforcement.

ICMEC and Thomson Reuters Special Services, through a case study, took a look at how crypto-currencies are used by those who exploit children.

Attendees saw a demonstration of intel and information that can be found just by going through trash and how it can benefit an investigation and break a case.

Matt Bowlin brought his expertise from working with the US Capitol Police and the FBI to designing threat assessments.

Special Agent Jeffrey Johannes (FBI Washington, DC) presented the realities of domestic minor sex trafficking, the means that criminals are using to enhance their operations through electronics, and how law enforcement tracks them.

A Law Enforcement-centric tour of the DC-based Memorial Museum which was followed by a facilitated discussion led by the Anti-Defamation League the next morning.

This presentation emphasized elements that are unique to investigation of death in the young child.  Common patterns of injury and causes of death were discussed. The importance of recognition of common accidental injuries and natural diseases, and differentiating these from inflicted injuries, was stressed.

This presentation is for law enforcement only and included an in depth discussion about working with the victims’ families by an FBI Special Agent that responded to the scene and worked the case in the months after.

Keith Runk of Maryland State Police led this interactive presentation on responses to active shooter events.

We’ll see you next time, on the INLETS!

  • 2014-06-23 13:00 to 2014-06-28 12:00

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June 23, 2014



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