Thomas Norris served with extraordinary distinction as a Navy SEAL on two tours of duty in Vietnam. He rescued two downed Air Force officers on separate and daring night missions amid overwhelming enemy forces.

LT Norris persevered in his repeated night sorties to find and rescue the American aviators, demonstrating the greatest courage and commitment Lt Norris was medically retired due to severe head injuries sustained when he was shot in the face during a combat mission six months later. Norris was rescued by fellow SEAL Michael Thornton, who received the Medal of Honor for his actions. Each had the pleasure of attending the other’s Congressional Medal of Honor ceremony at the White House.

In 1979, after years of surgeries, LT Norris achieved his life ambition of becoming an FBI Agent. FBI Director William Webster wrote that, “If you can pass the same test as anybody else applying for this organization, I will waiver your disabilities.” Norris gave 20 years distinguished service to the FBI and was an original member of its Hostage Rescue Team as an assault team leader.