On The INLETS (INtel and Law Enforcement Training Seminar), much like the name suggests, serves as a conduit from federal resources and experience to the state and local agencies and stakeholder industries, much like an inlet connects  an ocean to waterways and back bays.

The goal: Connect those charged with protecting our communities with the instruction to help them do so.  The singular focus is to further develop and support the analytical and investigative capability of law enforcement and private sector stakeholders in the greater National Capital Region, the east coast, and beyond.

The program is a collaborative effort of the FBI Field Offices in Washington DC and Baltimore, the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center (MCAC-the state fusion center), and the InfraGard chapter in Washington DC ~ the host and fiduciary partner. Homeland Security Today provides additional collaboration on themes and platforms.  The training topics are selected based on innovative investigative techniques, current threats, emerging trends, surveys, evaluations, and specific requests. Presenters are lead investigators and Subject Matter Experts from all levels of government and the private sector.

When possible, the INLETS provides In-Service Credits for sworn law enforcement and Continuing Education Units for private sector attendees.In today’s world Homeland Security is one of the most important concerns in our nation as well as our members. The Maryland Crime Prevention Association plays a vital role in the Homeland Security arena by providing timely up-dates and informative training that helps keep our members aware and safe.  Our goals are to continue to provide Homeland Security information, training, support to our members and assist with our nation’s security efforts.