Jeffrey R. Cugno is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of SOS Global Consulting, Inc.,
established to create strategic partnerships with private and public sector stakeholders to manage
risks of harm through consultative assistance. Mr. Cugno and his clients collaborate to design and
implement holistic initiatives, including foundational and advanced curriculum, to educate and
safeguard any given environment.

Mr. Cugno served as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for over two
decades. He worked on the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office (FBILA) Cyber Crime Squad and was a
Team Leader of the FBILA’s Evidence Response Team (ERT). As an ERT Team Leader, Mr. Cugno
led crime scene investigators in the collection of evidence for a variety of investigations, including
bank robberies, kidnappings, homicides, Agent-involved shootings, and airplane disasters.
For over 17 years, Mr. Cugno maintained the position of the FBILA’s Primary Behavioral Analysis Unit
(BAU) Coordinator until his retirement in October 2023. In this role, Mr. Cugno assisted with the
investigation of repetitive and violent crimes, counterterrorism, and threatening communications. In
addition to his primary role as the BAU Coordinator, Mr. Cugno also provided leadership and
consultation in the following five specialized areas concurrently: Threat Management Coordinator,
Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Team – West Team Leader, Adjunct Faculty Instructor, Crisis
Negotiator, and Threat Assessment ReGional Evaluation Team (TARGET) Working Group – Director.
Mr. Cugno was the founder of the TARGET Working Group and served as the Director from 2011-2023.

TARGET was created to develop best practices in the identification, assessment, and
management of threats to K-12 schools, college and university campuses, houses of worship,
healthcare facilities, and other critical infrastructures. This was accomplished through the
identification of subject matter experts, the sharing of information, and the facilitation of training.
Subsequently, Mr. Cugno collaborated with local communities to expand TARGET’s education and
liaison capabilities into four geographically located threat assessment and threat management teams
serving Southern California.

Mr. Cugno was a dedicated FBI Adjunct Faculty Instructor and routinely provided training to domestic
and international participants in the following topics: situational awareness, verbal de-escalation,
behavioral indicators of targeted violence, crisis/hostage negotiations, interview and interrogation
strategies, mass casualty response, cybercrime investigations, evidence collection techniques,
counterterrorism, violent crime matters, and threat assessment and threat management principles.

In 2022, Mr. Cugno was selected to be a member of the California Child Abduction Task Force, as
well as the Los Angeles County’s Veteran Suicide Review Team (VSRT).

Mr. Cugno holds a Master of Science Degree in Justice, Law, and Society from The American